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Towing Winch

Towing winch is known as the winch usually installed on a boat to tow another boat. It consists of drum, brake unit, clutch, wall frame, base, spooling device, drive device, control device and so on. It is mainly used to connect tug boat with the towed boat, bear the corresponding load, and meanwhile it also used to reel, release and store rope.

As marine towing equipment, the winch plays an important role in towing boats or ships on sea. The winch can be equipped with gypsy wheel and warping head as per needs. The spooling device is important for the winch to make sure the rope is placed without twisting or kinking.

Classifications of Towing Winch

Electric single drum towing winch for sale

Electric Towing Winch

Electric towing winch is powered by electricity and installed on one ship to tug another one. The electric winch should be set up with automatic brake device, which works when the controller is adjusted to ...
Single drum towing winch for sale

Hydraulic Towing Winch

Hydraulic towing winch is driven by hydraulic pump and applied for boat towing. It is mainly composed of hydraulic motor, hydraulic normally closed brake with multiple disc, gearbox, clutch, drum, support shaft, frame and so ...
high quality anchor handling towing winch

Anchor Handling Towing Winch

Anchor handling towing winch is the combined winch used both for anchoring and towing operations as the name suggests, which usually has double or multiple drums placed in line or with waterfall configurations. If it ...
  1. Classified with drum quantity, it contains single drum towing winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch, and they are designed and produced complying with specific needs; for the double drum winch, the two drums can be on the same side, that is both on the right side or left side of the winch, or they can be designed on the different sides; for triple or multiple drum winch, the drums can also be on different sides according to needs, that is, the gearbox or drum drive device can be on the right or left side or in the middle of the drum.
  2. Classified with drive power, it is divided into electric towing winch, hydraulic towing winch, diesel winch and steam driven winch; large towing winches generally adopt hydraulic power drive.

The main basis for designing towing winch is the maximum bollard pull, which is the pull generated when the main engine of the tug boat is with the maximum output power; other main performance parameters of the winch towing are directly or indirectly determined by the maximum bollard pull, such as drum rated load, rope diameter, drum diameter and support load. The load limiting device should be set for the winch, and the maximum setting value of it is 50% of the breaking load of the adopted wire rope.

Features of Towing Winch Produced by Aimix Group

  1. The range of pull capacity is from 10t to 300T;
  2. The drum size is customized to meet wire capacity requirements;
  3. One or two warping heads on either side of the winch are optional according to clients’ demands;
  4. Electric motor, hydraulic engine and diesel power dive are optional for the towing winch and each one has the advantages;
  5. Chain spooling capabilities are optional for clients;
  6.  The winch can be with remote and local control;
  7. The winch has load measuring, rope speed and length measuring device.
Quality towing winch for sale
Towing Winch for Sale

Interested in our towing winches? or want the best prices?

During towing operations, the use of friction clutch ensures that the winch drum can be disengaged without endangering other driving parts of the winch, which is very important in the process of the towing situation. The winch speed should be regulated gradually between stop and the maximum speed. No matter what power mode the winch adopts, if the control device is manual control, it should be designed as: when the operate released the controller, it should return to the stop position automatically.

Our towing winches are designed by professional engineers in accordance with standards. If you are interested in our towing winches and want to get more details about the towing winch for sale, just contact us, which has much experience in providing marine winches for tugging for many customers from different countries.

We provide towing winches electrically driven, hydraulically driven, and diesel engine driven and also supply electric-hydraulic combined winches as clients need. Towing a boat safely requires the proper winch and a lot of towing knowledge.

Given the chance, we will provide you with best service and high quality tugger winches for your towing operations during every possible towing situation. To buy towing winches from us with competitive price, you just need to contact us and tell us your requirements on the winches.

Technical Parameter of Towing Winch
Model Rated load Rated speed Rope capacity Rope diameter Motor power Overall Dimensions
KN m/min m mm KW mm
YT1-16 160 7.5 500 28 45 3200x4050x2200
YT1-20 200 7.5 500 30 55 3200x4050x2200
YT1-25 250 7.5 550 32 75 3600x4350x2580
YT1-32 320 7.5 600 36 90 3600x4500x2600
YT1-40 400 5 750 40 90 3700x4800x2860
YT1-50 500 5 750 52 110 3900x4900x3000
YT1-63 630 5 850 54 110 4000x5100x3100
YT1-80 800 5 1000 58 132 4250x5300x3300
YT1-100 1000 5 1000 64 180 4550x5500x3450
YT1-125 1250 5 1200 70 220 4850x5800x3700
YT1-130 1300 5 1200 72 220 5000x6800x3800
YT1-160 1600 4 1500 82 220 5200x7000x3860
YT1-200 2000 4 1500 90 250 5350x7200x4000
YT1-250 2500 4 1500 102 300 5500x7450x4200
YT1-300 3000 4 1500 110 360 5800x7600x4200

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