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Operation Procedures and Maintenance of Winch

Preparation before Operation

  1. During installation, the base must be stable and firm, with reliable ground anchors and work shed. The position of the operator shall be able to see the commander and the objects dragged or lifted.
  2. Before operation, the winch can be used only after it is checked to see whether it is fixed with the ground, protective facilities, electrical line grounding wire, braking device and steel rope.
  3. For the parts with belt and open gear drive, protective cover shall be provided, and the open pull plate pulley shall not be used for the guide pulley.
  4. For the winch with positive and negative power, the rotation direction of the drum shall be the same as that indicated on the control switch.
  5. The distance from the center line of the drum to the first guide pulley shall be more than 15 times the width of the drum with groove and 20 times the width of the drum without groove. When the steel wire rope is in the middle of the drum, the position of the pulley shall be perpendicular to the axis of the drum.
  6. There shall be no obstacles within the travel range of the automatic control lever of the winch.

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Precautions in Operation

  1. The steel wire ropes on the drum shall be arranged in order. In case of overlapping and skew winding, it shall be stopped and rearranged. It is forbidden to use hands and feet to pull and step on the wire rope during rotation. The steel wire rope shall not be put out completely, and at least three turns shall be reserved.
  2. The steel wire rope shall not be knotted or twisted, and it shall be replaced when the broken wire is more than 10% within one pitch.
  3. During the operation, no one is allowed to cross the steel wire rope. After the object is lifted, the operator shall not leave the winch. During rest, the object or cage shall be lowered to the ground.
  4. During the operation, the driver and signalman shall keep good visibility with the hoisted object, and the driver and signalman shall closely cooperate and obey the unified signal command.
  5. In case of power failure during operation, cut off the power supply and lower the lifting objects to the ground.

Precautions after Operation

  1. After the operation, disconnect the power supply and lock the switch box.
  2. The lifting cage or objects shall be lowered to the ground and the site obstacles shall be cleared.

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