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Main Technical Requirements of Windlass

  1. Driven by an independent prime mover or motor. If the hydraulic pipeline of the hydraulic windlass is connected with other deck mechanical pipelines, the normal operation of the windlass shall not be affected. Its working load is determined according to the diameter of anchor chain (D, mm).
  2. When the average speed is not less than 9m / min and an anchor is pulled from 82.5m to 27.5m deep, the windlass shall be able to work continuously for 30min.
  3. The windlass shall be able to work continuously for 2min under the action of overload tension (speed not required). The overload tension shall not be less than 1.5 times of the working load.
  4. The chain wheel or drum of windlass shall be equipped with reliable brake. After the brake is tightened, it shall be able to bear 45% of the static tension of the breaking load of the anchor chain or steel cable, or the maximum static load on the anchor chain.
  5. The chain stopper shall be able to bear the test load equivalent to the anchor chain, and its stress shall not be greater than 90% of its material yield point.
  6. Average speed: refers to the speed of recovering two anchor chains when three chains enter the water and are freely suspended.
  7. The installation of windlass shall ensure that three eyes (chain barrel, chain stopper and chain wheel) form a line when the chain is led out.

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According to the diameter of anchor chain, the windlass can be divided into several specifications, such as φ 12 – φ 120mm (162mm). The main technical parameters of windlass include: diameter of anchor chain, nominal speed of windlass, rated load, supporting load, several stages of speed change, electric system, etc. The installation of the windlass on the ship shall ensure that the wrap angle between the anchor chain and the sprocket is 117-120 °.