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Operation Procedures and Maintenance of Winch

Preparation before Operation During installation, the base must be stable and firm, with reliable ground anchors and work shed. The position of the operator shall be able to see the commander and the objects dragged or lifted. Before operation, the … Read more

Basic Information of Mooring Winch

Mooring winch is a kind of marine winch. Mooring winch can also operate effectively when the ship is berthing, and has many functions such as drift, support and positioning in the process of loading and unloading. Meanwhile, it can adjust … Read more

Comparison between Construction Winch and Marine Winch

Construction winch refers to all kinds of winch (which can be electric winch, hydraulic winch or diesel winch) used in various projects on land and coastal; it is used to lift or drag heavy objects. It mainly includes JM slow … Read more

Main Technical Requirements of Windlass

Driven by an independent prime mover or motor. If the hydraulic pipeline of the hydraulic windlass is connected with other deck mechanical pipelines, the normal operation of the windlass shall not be affected. Its working load is determined according to … Read more

Classifications and Features of Winches

The winches are classified according to the driving mode, which can be divided into mechanical driving winches, electric driving winches, pneumatic winches and hydraulic winches, and different types of winches are used widely on different work occasions as required. Electric … Read more

Basic Information of Electric Winch

The electric winch is composed of motor, coupling, brake, gearbox and drum, which are installed on the frame together. When the lifting height, loading and unloading capacity are large and the work is busy, the speed regulation performance is required to … Read more

Working Principle of Winch

The motor drives the steel wire rope drum through the reducer, retracts and puts the steel wire rope, and changes the direction through different pulleys. The technological requirements are mainly drum speed, that is, the speed of wire rope movement … Read more

Classifications of Anchor Chain

Anchor chain, also known as anchor line or anchor chain cables, is the chain used to connect anchor and ship’s hull to transfer and buffer the external force suffered by the ship, and it also can generate friction. The anchor … Read more