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Comparison between Construction Winch and Marine Winch

Construction winch refers to all kinds of winch (which can be electric winch, hydraulic winch or diesel winch) used in various projects on land and coastal; it is used to lift or drag heavy objects. It mainly includes JM slow winch, JK fast winch, JKL fast piling winch, JKD planetary winch, JMM friction winch and some customized mine winch.

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Marine winch refers to the winch used on the ship, wharf or shore, mainly for anchoring, mooring and towing, and also used for hauling, lifting and towing the heavy objects on the ship. The commonly used marine winches include anchor winch, anchor mooring winch, towing winch, mooring winch, capstan, etc. The main structure of the winch consists of drum, chain wheel, chain, wire rope, manual belt type brake, manual clutch, power system (motor, hydraulic pump station or diesel engine) and control system composition.

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  1. The material of construction winch and marine winch is basically the same, both of which are Q235B or Q345B. The construction winch is generally made of Q235B (the drum is made of Q345B steel plate), and the marine winch is generally made of Q345B.
  2. Different use occasions, construction winch is used on land; marine winch is used in port, wharf and ship or offshore operation platform;
  3. The structure of marine winch is different from that of construction winch. Manual clutch and manual band brake are the standards configurations for the marine winch, and many marine winches are also equipped with auxiliary drum (small drum). The standard configuration of construction winch is hydraulic block brake;
  4. Marine winch is generally sprayed with anti-corrosive paint (waterproof and rust proof);
  5. The welding requirements of marine winch are relatively high, and the welding must be complete, full and flat;
  6. Marine winch is equipped with marine motor (IP56), and engineering winch is generally equipped with common motor (IP44);
  7. The quality requirements of marine winch are relatively high, many customers need classification society certification, such as CCS, ABS, BV, RMRS etc;
  8. The construction winch is generally electric; the marine winch is more hydraulic.

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