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Classifications and Features of Winches

The winches are classified according to the driving mode, which can be divided into mechanical driving winches, electric driving winches, pneumatic winches and hydraulic winches, and different types of winches are used widely on different work occasions as required.

Electric winch: the winch that uses the motor as the source power and drives the drum to rotate through various transmission mechanisms.

Features of Electric Winch

1. The specified speed motor driving method is adopted for small or low-end winch products, which can realize single speed (or two speed) and two-way rotation functions. The system is simple, but it can not start at low speed and smoothly change speed;

2. Adopt AC frequency conversion speed regulation to realize stepless speed regulation from zero to maximum speed, which can provide 100% rated torque under low speed and locked rotor conditions, and the speed regulation is stable.

3. The equipment is complex, and the technical level of maintenance personnel is high.

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Hydraulic Winch uses an oil pump as the driving force and transmits power through a hydraulic motor or cylinder.

Features of Hydraulic Winch

1. Small volume, light weight, small inertia force, no big impact when suddenly overloaded or stopped;

2. Two way CVT control from zero to maximum speed;

3. It is easy to change the direction of rotation of the motor. It can change the rotation of the working mechanism and the linear reciprocating motion without changing the direction of rotation of the motor;

4. The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are connected by oil pipe, which is not strictly limited in the arrangement of work pieces;

5. The effective torque is limited in two directions by the dry seal overflow valve or hydraulic compensator. The system allows long-term load support, and different torque can be limited in two directions, so it is easy to realize overload protection;

6. Because the oil is used as the working medium, the relative moving surface of components can be self lubricated, with small wear and long service life;

7. Large output range, good load low-speed control, good start-up with load;

8. Easy to operate and control, high degree of automation.

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Pneumatic Winch: using the compressed air provided by the air compressor as the driving force, the winch is driven by the pneumatic motor and other drives.

Features of Pneumatic Winch

1. Compressed air station is required;

2. The working pressure of the pneumatic system is low, the external dimension of the pneumatic motor is large, and the total weight of the starting system is heavy;

3. Sensitive to the external environment, where the ambient temperature is low, there may be moisture condensation in the pneumatic pipeline and components;

4. It is noisy, so a noise silencer is needed.

Mechanical driven winch: it is driven by diesel engine with chains, belts or gears, etc.

Features of Mechanical Driven Winch

1. The fixed geometric position relationship between driving parts determines the design layout of the system, and the layout changes little;

2. Large size and total weight of the transmission system;

3. The installation layout is complex, and the plane and precise component positioning often need to be finished;

4. It is difficult to realize wide range stepless speed regulation;

5. Under the condition of load, it is difficult to realize stable inversion;

6. Through the use of hydraulic coupling, the maximum torque can be generated under locked rotor operation.