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30 ton electric winch for sale

Electric Winch Solution for Nigerian Client

We have delivered two 30 ton electric winches and one 5ton electric winch to Nigeria used for boats handling for shore maintenance. These three winches are AQ-JM slow speed winches that are our hot-sale winch type. Read on the post … Read more

JMM slow speed winch to Indonesia

Aicrane JMM 60ton Winch Indonesia

Recently, one Aicrane JMM 60 ton winch Indonesia has been completely installed and used in our customer’s work place for handling boat or ship in and out of water for maintenance or other operations. This winch is our slow speed … Read more

3ton electric winch to Zimbabwe

3 ton Electric Variable Speed Winch for Sale Zimbabwe

Our customer from Zimbabwe purchased an electric winch from our company, the winch he bought is our JK series 3 ton winch, it is equipped with frequency converter, which can adjust the speed from 3m/min to 30m/min as required. The … Read more

electric winch to Lebanon

5 ton Electric Winch for Sale Lebanon

Recently, one of our customers from Lebanon told us the winches they purchased from our company work reliably and all is good and powerful. Our customer purchased 2 sets of AQ-JM slow speed 5 ton winch, the winches are used … Read more

30 ton mooring winch for sale

30ton Hydraulic Mooring Winch for Sale Vietnam

One of our customers from Vietnam said they need 6 sets of mooring winch for their mooring operations, after communicating with the customers and knowing well about their work requirements, we recommended 30 ton hydraulic mooring winch for them, and … Read more

slow speed 30ton winch for sale

30 Ton Construction Winch for Sale Turkey

One of our reputed customers from Turkey purchased 16 sets of 30 ton construction winch for their business.  The winch they bought is our hot-sale type AQ-JM series electric winch. This kind of electric winch features reasonable design, good work … Read more

15 ton hydraulic winch to Vietnam

15ton Hydraulic Winches Delivered to Vietnam

One of our customer from Vietnam ordered 4 sets of hydraulic winches, and the winches have been completely produced and delivered to our customer’s work site. All these winches have been tested before leaving factory to ensure the reliable quality … Read more

10ton marine winch to Hong Kong

10ton Electric Marine Winch for Our Customer

One of our customers from Hong Kong ordered an electric marine winch from our company, after communicating with the customer and knew well about their requirements, we provided a suitable winch solution for our customers. Our customers are very satisfied … Read more