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capstan is a type of device commonly used on ship deck or on the shore to tighten or loosen ropes or cables during anchoring and mooring a ship. There are generally mooring capstans, anchor capstans, electric capstans, hydraulic capstans, vertical capstans, horizontal capstans etc. Unlike modern winches, which have cable or rope mounted on a drum, the capstan winch does not hold the entire length of rope or cable but instead acts as an intermediary between one end of the rope or cable and the other, the drum just winds the rope or cable but not store it. Its pull and load are generally in the range of 0.5t – 25T.

The main parts of capstans include clutch control knob, drum cover, drum, brake band, windlass brake handle, wildcat, drum controller handle, electric motor, reducer, etc.

Types of Aimix Capstans

Quality anchor capstan

Anchor Capstan

An anchor capstan is a machine that can be deck-mounted or thru-deck-mounted and used for anchoring operations. It has the ...
Quliaty capstan anchor winch

Capstan Anchor Winch

Capstan anchor winch is used on different types of boats for anchoring operations, which can be vertically or horizontally mounted ...
hydraulic capstan marine

Capstan Marine

Capstan marine refers to the capstan with a warping head installed on deck of a ship mainly used for ship ...
Electric capstan for sale

Electric Capstan

Different from capstans driven by hydraulic power, electric capstan is powered by electricity from the motor and it is widely ...
Hydraulic capstan for sale

Hydraulic Capstan

Hydraulic capstan is driven by a hydraulic motor with counter balance valve, it can be operated at variable speeds with ...
electric vertical capstan for sale

Vertical Capstan

Vertical capstan winch is a machine with a drum rotating round a vertical spindle driven by a motor, it’s usually ...
Horizontal capstan for sale from Ellsen

Horizontal Capstan

Horizontal capstan is the capstan mounted above deck with compact motor and gearbox used for anchoring and mooring when a ...
Electric mooring capstan for sale

Mooring Capstan

Mooring capstan, as its name indicates, is the capstan used for boat or ship mooring when the boat or ship ...
Electric ship capstan for sale

Ship Capstan

Ship capstan is the device installed and used on ships to wind rope, cable or chain during anchoring, mooring, pulling, ...
warping capstan

Warping Capstan

A warping capstan refers to a machine with warping head under which a capstan drum is equipped, it is installed ...

Performance of Capstans

  1. Capstans should be able to work continuously for 30 min with nominal speed under the circumstance with mooring force and load;
  2. Mooring load should not be 33% greater than the designed rope breaking load;
  3. The control brake device should be able to bear 1.5 times of mooring load.

Design and Structure of Capstans Supplied by Aimix

  1. The capstans from our company have good lubrication system, the oiling points are obvious and easy to see, or they have marks if they are not easy to see;
  2. They are equipped with automatic control brake device, and they are able to bear 1.5 times of mooring load;
  3. The capstans can reverse and the mooring speed can be regulated according to needs;
  4. The appearance of the drum and the diameter of it comply with the relevant standards, like the rules of GB 7390,
  5. Protection device will be set if some mechanical parts of the capstans cannot bear the locked rotor load (or the maximum load) of the prime mover;
  6. Mechanism used for preventing the drum reversal will be set for the capstans with manpower driving mechanism.

In a word, the capstans designed and produced by us are with good quality and performance, which can ensure the effective work for you. The capstans prices and other detailed information are available for you anytime as you need.

 capstan for sale

Interested in our capstans? or want the best prices?

Tips on Installing Capstans

  1. The capstans should be installed by professional persons with operation experience;
  2. Reducer, meshing gear and working parts should be lubricated to keep their effective work;
  3. Make sure the wiring is correct and no-load operation should be carried out twice for 5min;
  4. Check all the parts during the installation to ensure that all of them are installed correctly and can function safely and effectively.

How do capstans work? What are capstans used for? If you have these questions and want to know more about capstans for sale, just contact us and we have the products you want here.

Technical Parameter 
Type Warping load (KN) Warping speed(m/min) Wire Dia(mm) Motor power (kw)
Electric Hydraulic
AQ-D(Y)J5 5 ≥18 φ11 3/1.2 5.5
AQ-D(Y)J10 10 ≥18 φ11 4.3/1.7 7.5
AQ-D(Y)J20 20 ≥18 φ15 7.5/7.5/5 15
AQ-D(Y)J30 30 ≥18 φ17.5 16/16/11 18.5
AQ-D(Y)J40 40 ≥18 φ20.5 16/16/11 18.5
AQ-D(Y)J50 50 ≥18 φ20.5 22/22/16 30
AQ-D(Y)J70 70 ≥15 φ26 30/30/22 45
AQ-D(Y)J100 100 ≥15 φ28 45/45/30 55
AQ-D(Y)J120 120 ≥15 φ32.5 60/60/45 75
AQ-D(Y)J150 150 ≥15 φ36.5 60/60/45 90
AQ-D(Y)J200 200 ≥15 φ40 75/75/36 110
AQ-D(Y)J250 250 ≥12 φ46 75/75/36 110

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