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Capstan Marine

Capstan marine refers to the capstan with a warping head installed on deck of a ship mainly used for ship anchoring, mooring, weights pulling and so on. According to power type, there are mainly electric marine capstan, hydraulic marine capstan, manual marine capstan, pneumatic marine capstan and gas powered capstan winch.

According to material of the marine capstan, there are cast iron galvanized capstan, stainless steel capstan, aluminum capstan and bronze capstan; according to shaft center line orientation, there are vertical marine capstan and horizontal marine capstan, vertical capstan is installed on deck with part of the capstan above the deck and other parts are below the deck, for example, the motor is usually situated below the deck and in this way it will be protected from excessive moisture, and this installation way save the space on the ship deck; horizontal capstan is mounted above the deck.

The power drives the drum to rotate to wind rope, cable or chain during anchorage or mooring operations. The torque transmission gear can be set in the warping head.

quality capstan marine
Electric Horizontal Capstan Marine

Electric horizontal capstan marine parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
  • Wire rope capacity: customized
  • Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
  • Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
  • Driven type: electric

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Quality electric capstan marine
Electric Vertical Capstan Marine

Electric vertical capstan marine parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
  • Wire rope capacity: customized
  • Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
  • Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
  • Driven type: electric

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Classifications of Capstan Marine

  1. Classified by driving mode, there are electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, gas powered capstan winch, petrol capstan winch, pneumatic capstan, gasoline powered capstan and manual capstan winch; in general, manual capstan is usually small and portable capstan winch used for small boats because its load bearing capacity is not so heavy as electric and hydraulic capstans;
  2. Classified with orientation of shaft center line, there are vertical and horizontal capstans; vertical capstan winch is used more widely than horizontal one on boats because it takes up less space on deck than horizontal capstan;
  3. Classified with use of rope or cable, there are rope and cable capstans, the rope capstan contains electric capstan rope winch, hydraulic capstan rope winch and portable capstan rope winch; the diameters of drum vary when those of the rope and cable are different. The rated capacity of it is determined by the rope or cable diameter and capacity. With the rotation of the drum, the rope or cable is twined or released during the marine operations;
  4. Classified according to working occasions, there are marine capstan for example boat and ship capstans used for anchoring and mooring, and capstans used on land such as chainsaw capstan winch, capstans used for hauling cars.

There are also homemade capstan winch and diy capstan winch because some people make them at home by themselves, but usually they are only with small load capacity and cannot be used on big boats.

Features of Capstan Marine Provided by Aimix

  1. The power modes are optional, mainly including electric and hydraulic driven modes for the capstan;
  2. The capstan marine winch is safe and reliable to work in wet and moisture environment;
  3. Speaking of configuration, there is one warping head on the capstan and one drum is under the warping head;
  4. Local and remote control are available for the capstan;
  5. Brake device and clutch are reliable to work, and the capstan also has anti-overload function;
  6. The drum is flexible to rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise driven by the power while winding or letting out the rope or cable, so does the chain wheel while it lets out or takes in the chain;
  7. The capstan marine supplied by us is with small size, light weight and easy to transfer, install and operate;
  8. The capstan is with high starting torque, which ensures it starts with load;
  9. Our capstans are designed in accordance with customers’ requirements and the quality is highly guaranteed;
  10. Aicrane capstans have very competitive prices with which you will be very satisfied.
hydraulic capstan marine
Hydraulic Anchor Capstan Marine

Hydraulic capstan parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
  • Wire rope capacity: customized
  • Rope dia: ø11mm – ø60mm
  • Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized
  • Driven type: hydraulic

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Important Guidelines to Select Marine Capstans

  1. It is necessary for clients to be sure about the required line pull of the capstan, and communicate with the capstan supplier;
  2. Working speed of the capstan should be provided for the supplier, that is to say, at what speed the pull will be achieved;
  3. It is necessary to know the warping head size you need, which is important to get a suitable capstan product;
  4. Choose the power mode for the capstan, mainly including electric and hydraulic types;
  5. Choose the control mode for the capstan you need, that is to say, how the device will be controlled and from where;
  6. Select and cooperate with a professional and reputable manufacturer.

Capstan marine winch is applied on more and more boats for anchoring and mooring, and it has many benefits to use capstans. If you decide to choose a suitable one for your boat, we have a wide range of solutions for your choice. With your requirements, we will design and manufacture the custom marine capstan tailored to all your requirements and expectations.

We offer free guide and training for installing, operating and maintaining the capstan if you need and we will ensure the delivery time as you need. Feel free to contact us for capstans for sale.

Technical Parameter
Type Warping load (KN) Warping speed(m/min) Wire Dia(mm) Motor power (kw)
Electric Hydraulic
AQ-D(Y)J5 5 ≥18 φ11 3/1.2 5.5
AQ-D(Y)J10 10 ≥18 φ11 4.3/1.7 7.5
AQ-D(Y)J20 20 ≥18 φ15 7.5/7.5/5 15
AQ-D(Y)J30 30 ≥18 φ17.5 16/16/11 18.5
AQ-D(Y)J40 40 ≥18 φ20.5 16/16/11 18.5
AQ-D(Y)J50 50 ≥18 φ20.5 22/22/16 30
AQ-D(Y)J70 70 ≥15 φ26 30/30/22 45
AQ-D(Y)J100 100 ≥15 φ28 45/45/30 55
AQ-D(Y)J120 120 ≥15 φ32.5 60/60/45 75
AQ-D(Y)J150 150 ≥15 φ36.5 60/60/45 90
AQ-D(Y)J200 200 ≥15 φ40 75/75/36 110
AQ-D(Y)J250 250 ≥12 φ46 75/75/36 110


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