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Basic Information of Mooring Winch

Mooring winch is a kind of marine winch. Mooring winch can also operate effectively when the ship is berthing, and has many functions such as drift, support and positioning in the process of loading and unloading. Meanwhile, it can adjust and compensate the vibration deviation with constant tension. The mooring winch installed on shore for loading or unloading is an application example of constant tension adjustment feature.

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Types of Winch

According to the power, the winch is divided into three categories: manual, electric and hydraulic.

According to the function, the winch can be divided into marine winch, engineering winch, mine winch, cable winch and so on.

Marine winch can be divided into mooring winch, positioning winch, towing winch, anchor winch, etc.

According to the form of drum, it can be divided into single drum and double drum.

According to the distribution form of drum, it can be divided into parallel double drum and front and rear double drum.

Manual winch

A stop (ratchet and pawl) is installed on the transmission mechanism of the handle rotation of the manual winch, which can keep the weight in the required position. The manual winch for assembling or lifting heavy objects shall also be equipped with safety handle and brake. Manual winch is generally used in places with small lifting capacity, poor facilities or no power supply.

Electric winch

Electric winch is widely used in places with heavy work and large traction force. The motor of the single drum electric winch drives the drum through the reducer, and a brake is installed between the motor and the input shaft of the reducer. In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction and rotation, there are also winches with double drum and multi drum devices. Winch with general rated load less than 10t can be designed as electric winch.

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Hydraulic winch

The hydraulic winch is mainly a winch with a larger rated load. Generally, the winch with a capacity of more than 10t to 5000t is designed as a hydraulic winch.

Its structure is mainly composed of hydraulic motor (low-speed or high-speed motor), hydraulic normally closed multi plate brake, planetary gearbox, clutch (optional), drum, supporting shaft, frame, rope presser (optional), etc. The hydraulic motor has high mechanical efficiency, large starting torque, and can be equipped with different distributors according to the working conditions.

The valve group can also be designed and directly integrated into the motor oil distributor according to the user’s needs, such as the valve group with balance valve, overload valve, high-pressure shuttle valve, speed control reversing valve or other performance. The brake, planetary gearbox, etc. are directly installed in the drum, drum, support shaft, machine The frame is designed according to the mechanical requirements, the overall structure is simple and reasonable and has enough strength and rigidity. Therefore, this series of winches are compact in structure, small in volume, light in weight and beautiful in appearance.

In performance, they are characterized by good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good low-speed stability, low noise and reliable operation. It is worth mentioning that the high volume efficiency of the hydraulic motor and the high-quality balance valve of SUN company in the United States solve the problem of secondary sliding and air hook shaking existing in the general winch, which makes the lifting, lowering and braking process of the series of hydraulic winch stable, and the winch with clutch can also realize free lowering.

The integrated valve group installed on the valve plate effectively simplifies the user’s hydraulic system. Because of the above advantages, the winch is widely used in ship, railway, engineering machinery, petroleum, geological exploration, metallurgy and other industries, and its excellent performance has been recognized by users.

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