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Anchor Winch

Anchor winch is specially applied for boat or ship anchoring, and it is important anchor machine which helps boat or ship docking or setting sail safely and quickly and keeping the position of boat or ship and also used for ship emergency brake. It consists of gypsy wheel anchor winch and wire rope anchor winch, or we can say they are anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch.

The gypsy wheel anchor winch includes single gypsy wheel winch and double gypsy wheel winch. The main parts of anchor windlass are: base, frame, anchor chain wheel, brake, gearbox, electric control system (except manual anchor windlass) etc. Chain diameter, anchor nominal speed, rated load, support load, electric system and so on are the main technical specifications of anchor windlass.

Aicrane anchor winches
Aicrane anchor winches

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Different Types of Anchor Winches for Boats

  1. Sorted by drive mechanism energy: there are manual windlass, steam windlass, electric windlass, hydraulic windlass, diesel windlass and automatic anchor windlass; manual anchor winch is usually for small boats, steam winch was used on steam boat before and now it’s applied on giant tanker, it has firm structure with reliable work, but the steam engine has low efficiency and huge structure;
  2. Sorted by orientation of sprocket shaft center-line,there are vertical anchor windlass and horizontal anchor windlass; the center line of sprocket shaft and drum shaft of horizontal winch is parallel to ship deck, the whole machine is installed on the deck, which makes the operation and management easy and convenient, but it takes up large area on the deck and is vulnerable to storm erosion. Merchant ship usually adopts horizontal windlass. The center line of sprocket shaft and drum shaft of vertical winch is perpendicular to the deck, and only the chain wheel and drum are above the deck, so it takes up less area on the deck compared with horizontal winch, but not so easy to manage;
  3. Sorted by layout way, there are general (overall) type winch, single-sided (independent) type winch and combined winch anchor. Two single-sided type winches are combined into a combined anchor winch. Anchor handling winch is combined windlass in many cases used for anchoring, mooring towing and so on;
  4. If it is divided according to working occasions, there are land anchor windlass and river anchor windlass.
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Marine anchor winch is necessary for boats, boats vary, so do winches. There are anchor winch for small boats, fishing boat anchor winch, model boat  winch, pontoon anchor winch, quick anchor winch and free-fall anchor winch. Power supply of the windlass can be electric motor, hydraulic power pack, diesel engine and also can be man power, which are optional according to different conditions.

Speaking of the suitability, it matters a lot that chain wheel matches the size of the chain, which will make sure the effective work of drum anchor winch. As one of the anchor winches manufacturers with excellent technology and good fame, we have designed and supplied many anchor winches for a lot of clients abroad, we customize variety of winches as you demand, and serve you with our consistent professional attitude. There are variety of anchor winches manufacturers, and Aimix is a professional and experienced one; for more information about anchor marine winch, just contact us and we will offer you all details as you want.

Anchor winch for sale

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Notes on Selecting Boat Anchor Winch

It is known that suitable and quality marine anchor winches can make the anchoring operations easier, quicker and safer. It is advised to take the following factors into consideration when you choose an anchor winch for boat, size and type of the boat or ship, the displacement of the boat or ship, the conditions (like the highest and lowest temperature, wind resistance) for anchoring and so on.

The anchor weigh, chain diameter and length, or wire rope diameter and length are needed for quotation. The range of chain diameter is: φ 12—φ 120 mm. The working speed is generally around 10m/min.

No matter electric boat anchor winch or hydraulic anchor windlass you would like to buy, it is the quality of the winch matters a lot, that is to say, you should not only take winch price into consideration. Before you make the final choice on the anchor windlass, it is good to know more about the product by searching it on internet and it is easy to find much knowledge about this kind of winch; or you can ask something from your friends who have purchased and used the winches, and the experts who know them well, in this way, you can get much useful and helpful advice on choosing a suitable winch for boat anchoring.

The last but still very important thing is that it is necessary to choose a reputable and professional anchor marine winch manufacturer as your product supplier, which can make sure that you get a professional and quality winch as you want.

Characteristics of Anchor Windlass

  1. Specially customized machine and first-class service;
  2. Different types of drive: manual, electric, hydraulic, diesel;
  3. Specialized and famous marine winch motor;
  4. Professional welding technology with welder certificates;
  5. Maximum torque protection;
  6. Complete certificates, CCS, ABB, BV, LR, RINA, DNV, RMRS etc.

anchor winch for sale

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Maintenance of Marine Anchor Winch

    1. Mechanical parts of winch anchors must be with good lubrication to reduce wear and extend service life;
    2. Lubricating oil should be added into the gearbox from observation hole and be changed regularly to keep it clean and extend the service life of anchor machine; make sure the good lubrication before start the boat anchor winch;
    3. All the non-working surfaces of the winch should also be kept clean, the exposed part of the anchor windlass must be often painted to prevent getting rusty;
    4. Transmission gear should be installed correctly and the meshing can be checked;
    5. It’s necessary to check the winch base and fixing bolts to make sure they are intact and with suitable fastening and tightness, if crack is found on the machine base or side frame, it can be repaired with welding.

Used for different types of boats or vessels, anchor winches are designed and produced in different styles. How to make a right choice on the winch? Where to get the best drum anchor winch? How do electric anchor winches for boats work? If you have such questions and want to get the answers, please just feel free to contact us without any hesitation, and we will solve your problems with our quality products and excellent service.

Technical Parameter  of Anchor Winch
Model Chain Dia. Working load Supporting load Working speed Warping load Warping speed Motor power Overall Dimensions Weight
mm KN KN m/min m/min KW mm T
El-24 24 25-27 149-214 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050 3.3
El-26 26 29-32 175-250 9 20 8.5 8.5/3.5 1400x1625x1050 3.3
El-28 28 33-37 202-289 9 20 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150 3.8
El-30 30 38-42 231-331 9 30 8.5 11/11/7.5 1600x1845x1150 3.8
El-32 32 44-49 262-375 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-34 34 49-55 295-422 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-36 36 55-62 329-473 9 30 8.5 16/16/11 1775x2025x1270 4.6
El-38 38 61-69 365-522 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2
El-40 40 68-76 403-576 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2
El-42 42 75-84 442-630 9 50 8.5 22/22/16 1900x2150x1350 5.2

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