10 ton Hydraulic Marine Winch for Our Customer

One of our customers from Indonesia ordered 10 sets of marine winches from our company. According to the customer’s requirements, we designed and produced 10 ton hydraulic marine winches to meet all the work needs put forward by the customer.

10 ton marine winch

All the 10 sets of winches are manufactured with good materials and under strict control. Before leaving the factory, the winches have been tested and all of them work with good performance. Recently, the winches have been delivered to our customer and we believe that the winches will greatly improve the work efficiency for the customer.

10 sets hydraulic marine winches for our customer

If you need a winch to make your work easier and quicker, please just contact us and we promise you will get the reliable and suitable winch solution to meet all your work requirements and you will be very pleased with our winch product. We supply all kinds of winches including construction winches and marine winches in different styles. For detailed information, just send your inquiry now.

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