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Marine Winch

AICRANE construction winchAicrane marine winch

Marine winch is an important lifting and pulling equipment used on boat/ship, on the dock or shore, in the port, on offshore platforms etc. for anchoring, mooring, towing and weights lifting or pulling, and there is also subsea winch used for some submarine operations. The main structures of marine windlass comprise drum, gypsy wheel, chain, cable, manual band brake, manual clutch, power system and control system etc.

In addition to drum, many winches have one or two small warping heads. Take marine drum winch for example, it can have one or two drums with or without warping head. Clients can customize by their needs. Speaking of the commonly used marine winches, they can be anchor winch, anchor and mooring winch, towing/tugger winch, mooring winch, combined windlass like electric single drum combined winch and electric double drum combined winch and so on.

The load capacity, rope capacity, rope diameter, rated speed and dimension of the winch vary according to different needs and conditions, they are in the different ranges and can be customized.

Aicrane Winch Solutions for Customers

  • waterfall type winch for the Philippines
    Waterfall Type Winch for the Philippines

Different Types of Winches for Marine Operations

According to the power mode, marine winch can be divided into marine electric winch, marine hydraulic winch, diesel powered winch, air winch and marine hand winch, which can be customized with clients’ demands and requirements. Different power modes have their own characteristics and advantages, for example, electric winch is relatively convenient and cheap compared with hydraulic one, and hydraulic drive windlass proves more powerful and efficient especially on heavy-duty boats. The hand winch is easier to carry and is usually applied to light weight operations and always used on working occasions with poor facilities and without power supply.

If marine winch is sorted according to working places, there are ship/vessel winch, barge winch, deck winch, slipway winch, port winch, offshore winch, dock winch, marine railway winch and so on. In the water, a boat is allowed to settle into the cradle and then marine railway winch is operated to pull the cradle up out of water and then move the boat out of water along the tracks. The dock winch is installed on the dock to pull a boat out of water or keep it safe and still on the dock, many of dock winches are not with heavy load capacity and can be operated by man power with the handle.

Electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch

hydraulic ship winch for sale
Hydraulic Ship Winch

Marine Winches for Sale

Marine winches have been used for a very long time and they play very important role in marine operations. With the development of technology, the winches have been improved and more and more widely used on different types of boats and ships. It is worth mentioning that the winch should be installed and operated properly to make sure its safe and reliable work during the service life.

Compared with construction winch, marine winch is usually with corrosion paint because it’s very important and necessary to be waterproof and rustproof to make sure long-term and safe use of the winch, they also require high-quality welding, that is, the welding should be full, complete and smooth. The electric machinery of marine winch (IP56) is also specially used on ship.

30 ton electric marine winch for sale

Marine Electric Winch

Marine electric winch is widely used on occasions with heavy workload and in need of relatively heavy lifting and hauling ...
Marine hydraulic winch used on boats for marine operations

Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine hydraulic winch is usually with heavy rated load and widely applied on ship, on the dock or on the ...
Double drum marine winch for sale

Marine Drum Winch

A marine drum winch is a marine device used for some marine operations including anchoring operations, mooring operations, towing operations, ...
hydraulic winch used on ship

Ship Winch

Ship winch refers to the winch mounted and used on a ship and it’s necessary deck equipment for the ship, ...
anchor mooring boat winch for sale

Electric Boat Winch

Electric boat winch is the winch powered by electric motor and used on boat for multiple uses, including hauling or ...
Hydraulic anchor mooring boat winch

Hydraulic Boat Winch

Hydraulic boat winch is a piece of equipment hydraulically powered and used to wind, secure and release the line connected ...
Quality drum winches for boats

Drum Winches for Boats

Drum winches for boats are the winches installed on boats with single, double or multiple drums to wind rope or ...
Electric slipway winch for sale

Slipway Winch

Slipway winch refers to the winch that is used to move boats or ships to and out of the water ...

Anchor Winches

Anchor winch is a piece of equipment used to draw the anchor and pull in or out the line during the anchoring operations. The anchor can be attached to the winch with chain or rope, that is to say, there are anchor chain winch and anchor rope winch. The winch drum is used to wind and store the chain or rope during ship anchoring. There are single drum anchor winch and double drum anchor winch as clients need, and the anchor winches can adopt electricity, hydraulics or diesel as the power mode.

Aimix Group provides all the above types of anchor winches to meet different anchoring needs. No matter what kind of anchor winch you want to select, you can just get the perfect one from our company.

Electric single gypsy winch for anchoring work

Electric Anchor Winch

An electric anchor winch is an electrically-powered winch used to raise and lower boat anchors during anchoring operations. According to ...
Hydraulic anchor winch for sale

Hydraulic Anchor Winch

Hydraulic anchor winch performs and controls operations depending on hydraulic mechanism. It is also known as electro-hydraulic anchor winch for ...
quality drum anchor winch for sale

Drum Anchor Winch

Drum anchor winch refers to the winch widely used to draw an anchor and line for boat anchoring when the ...
Single gypsy anchor winch for sale

Marine Anchor Winch

As one kind of marine deck equipment, marine anchor winch is the device placed on deck applied for anchoring operations ...
Anchor handling winch

Anchor Handling Winch

Anchor handling winch is specially designed for anchor handling towing operations installed on vessel deck, and it can be driven ...
Hydraulic Boat Anchor Winch

Hydraulic Boat Anchor

Hydraulic boat anchor is a device used to anchor a boat and remain it in position when it reaches a ...
High quality anchor chain winch

Anchor Chain Winch

Widely used for boat anchoring, anchor chain winch is a kind of marine winch with a length of chain which ...
anchor rope winch with high quality

Anchor Rope Winch

Anchor rope winch, known as the winch with rope that attaches an anchor to a boat, is widely used for ...

Mooring Winches

Mooring winch refers to a piece of equipment applied to stop or keep a boat or vessel in a certain position without moving or drifting during mooring operations. Such winch can be operated or controlled in different ways and installed on the deck of a ship. When the ship arrives at a port, the winch can be used to position and keep the ship safe. When the mooring winch is not in operation, it can be covered to reduce exposure to moisture or other possible risks.

The mooring windlasses can be driven by different powers, including electric motor, hydraulic pump, diesel engine or other modes. For some very small boats, the winches can even be powered directly with a crank. It is important to choose the suitable mooring winch for your boat and reliable drive type for the winch. There are electric mooring winch, hydraulic mooring winch, diesel mooring winch, anchoring mooring winch, single drum mooring winch and double drum mooring winch optional from Aimix, and you can just get the suitable and reliable winch for your boat or ship.

Quality anchor mooring winch

Anchor Mooring Winch

As the name suggests, anchor mooring winch is the winch used both for mooring and anchoring ships. In other words, ...
Single drum electric mooring winch

Electric Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch is electrically driven by the motor, vessels use it for drawing out and pulling in the lines ...
Hydraulic double drum mooring winch for sale

Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Hydraulic mooring winch is the winch with hydraulic drive, the range of its rated load is usually very large and ...
Mooring winch for ship

Mooring Winch for Ships

When a ship comes into a port, it needs to stop and keep in place without moving forward or back, which ...

There are various mooring winches suppliers and it is advised to choose reputable and experienced one as your winch supplier in order to make sure you can get the quality product.  If you are planning to buy mooring winch for your vessel, and you are not sure how to make a right choice, please just contact us and we will provide you with professional advice to help you get the perfect winch.

Tugger Winch and Towing Winch

Tugger winch is used to tug boat, and it is usually installed on a boat to tow another one. It is an important device adopted by boats or ships for towing operations. As one of the professional and leading towing winch manufacturers in China, we have supplied tugger winches for many years and has accumulated much experience in designing and producing such winches. We have professional team, advanced production technology, excellent factories, and strict control and management system, which makes sure our high quality winch design and production.

We provide a wide range of towing winches for different customers, including electric towing winch, hydraulic towing winch, anchor handling towing winch, single drum towing winch, double drum towing winch and multiple drum towing winch. We also customize tugger windlass in accordance with the customers’ special requirements. As the towing winch with two or multiple drums, the drums can be placed in different ways, like waterfall style, or parallel style as needed. If you would like to buy towing winch, just choose us as your supplier and you will be very satisfied with our winch solution and first-class service.

Electric tugger winch for sale
Electric tugger winch is powered by single or double speed electric motor or variable frequency drive, which drives the main shaft after reducing speed through reducing mechanism. It is used for towing or pulling operations ...
Hydraulic towing winch for sale
Hydraulic tugger winch is one type of marine winch specially designed and used on tug boat, driven by hydraulic power to tow different types of boats. It usually adopts two speed hydraulic motor as its ...
Electric single drum towing winch for sale
Electric towing winch is powered by electricity and installed on one ship to tug another one. The electric winch should be set up with automatic brake device, which works when the controller is adjusted to ...
Single drum towing winch for sale
Hydraulic towing winch is driven by hydraulic pump and applied for boat towing. It is mainly composed of hydraulic motor, hydraulic normally closed brake with multiple disc, gearbox, clutch, drum, support shaft, frame and so ...

Marine Capstans

Capstan is also known as vertically oriented winch mounted on ship, used for many operations. Compared with winches, capstans relatively take less space on the ship. Capstans can be divided into various types according to different classification ways, there are mainly electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, horizontal capstan, vertical capstan, anchor capstan, mooring capstan, warping capstan and so on.

Whatever kind you choose, it is needed to make sure that it works effectively and can greatly facilitate your operations on vessel, otherwise it will be waste of both time and money if you choose the wrong capstan for the vessel. Aimix just provides professional and high quality capstans for clients and you can find and get the perfect capstan from us.

hydraulic capstan marine
Capstan marine refers to the capstan with a warping head installed on deck of a ship mainly used for ship anchoring, mooring, weights pulling and so on. According to power type, there are mainly electric ...
Quality anchor capstan
An anchor capstan is a machine that can be deck-mounted or thru-deck-mounted and used for anchoring operations. It has the same functions as anchor winch but they differ in appearance. Generally anchor capstan can be ...
Electric mooring capstan for sale
Mooring capstan, as its name indicates, is the capstan used for boat or ship mooring when the boat or ship reaches to a port or a dock. It has the same function as mooring winches ...
Electric capstan for sale
Different from capstans driven by hydraulic power, electric capstan is powered by electricity from the motor and it is widely used especially for mooring and anchoring ships, but its load capacity is not very heavy ...
Hydraulic capstan for sale
Hydraulic capstan is driven by a hydraulic motor with counter balance valve, it can be operated at variable speeds with gearbox, and it’s easy to operate. There is an in-built emergency stop system, the gearbox ...
electric vertical capstan for sale
Vertical capstan winch is a machine with a drum rotating round a vertical spindle driven by a motor, it’s usually mounted on the deck in a vertical position, and the power modes are optional according ...
Horizontal capstan for sale from Ellsen
Horizontal capstan is the capstan mounted above deck with compact motor and gearbox used for anchoring and mooring when a boat arrives in the port or at the pier or sets sails from the dock ...
Electric ship capstan for sale
Ship capstan is the device installed and used on ships to wind rope, cable or chain during anchoring, mooring, pulling, loading, unloading operations and so on. From the ship capstan definition we can know that ...

How to Choose A Suitable and Reliable Marine Winch

It is well known that marine winches are widely used for various applications and they can greatly facilitate the operations with their excellent work performance. Whatever you use the marine windlass for, it is worth choosing a quality one to ensure the reliable operations. There are some tips on selecting suitable winch product to meet your work needs in the following:

  1. Choose and cooperate with professional and reputable marine winch manufacturers, because they are usually experienced and professional in designing and producing winch products as you need, and you can get much information on winch installation, operation, inspection and maintenance as you want from them, which is useful during your operating marine windlass;
  2. Do some research before you purchase the winch; it is better to know more about the marine equipment that you are going to buy, you can get some knowledge from internet or from friends who has purchased such products before, in this way, you can know better about the applications of the winches;
  3. Take careful account of your work needs, that is to say, what the winch will be used for, and this information is important for you to determine what kind of quality marine winches you really need, including anchor winches, mooring winches, towing winches, capstans and other types of winch;
  4. It is necessary to provide some information on the work occasions and your requirements on the winch for the supplier, such as work environment (including on ship, on dock, in port, offshore etc), the dimensions of the workplaces, rated capacity of the winch, what application it will be used for and other special requirements. With the given information, the winch supplier can offer you suitable winch solution to meet your needs or customize your winch according to your special demands;
  5. No matter what kind of marine windlass you want to buy, the cost of the windlass is not the most important factor to determine whether you buy it or not, that is to say, you should not only take the price into consideration and ignore its quality.

Quality anchor mooring winch
Anchor Mooring Winch

Electric marine winch used on ships
Electric Marine Winch for Ships

Slow speed winch for sale
AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch

Marine Winch from Reputable Manufacturer

As one of the marine winch manufacturers, Aimix Group Co., Ltd is professional and experienced in designing and producing marine winches, and pays much attention to high-quality products and first-class service all the time; it has professional teams with skilled engineers and highly trained workers, and has well-equipped factories for manufacturing winches in accordance with customers’ meets.

The load capacity range of marine winch produced by our company can be from 0.5t to 300T. We upgrade the products according to market changes and the winches have been exported to USA, India, Pakistan, Bengal, Philippine, Australia, UK, Dubai, Brazil, etc. more than 50 countries and regions, and have won high praise and good reputation from clients. For more information on marine winch for sale, just contact us and we will provide top quality product and service for you wholeheartedly.

marine winch with good quality
Quality Marine Winch

quality marine capstans for sale
Quality Marine Capstans

Construction Winch for Sale

Construction winch refers to the winches used for lifting, hoisting, loading and unloading heavy loads and materials on construction site, during installation engineering and dismantling process, in factories, port and mining area, and it also be used for punching and piling operations of dock, bridge and construction foundation engineering etc.

Electric winch for sale

Winch for Sale

High Speed Winch & Slow Speed Winch High speed winch is one kind of construction winch, which can be electrically powered, hydraulically powered or diesel engine powered, that is to say, there are high speed ...
AQ-JM Slow Speed Winch

Electric Winch

Electric winch mainly consists of electric motor, drive mechanism, and drum or chain wheel. It is a kind of lifting device using drum to wind wire rope or chain in order to lift or haul ...
AQ-JM10T double drum winch

Construction Winch

Construction winch is a kind of winch machine used in various construction projects including land and coastal projects to lift or pull heavy loads. Aicrane, as a professional and reputable winch brand, mainly provides the ...

There are different types of the winch, according to working speed, there are mainly AQ-JK high speed winch, AQ-JKL fast speed piling winch, AQ-JM slow speed winch, AQ-JMM slow speed friction type winch, AQ-JKD series winch, variable speed winch and so on;

According to power mode, there are mainly electric winch, hydraulic winch and diesel winch;

According to drum number, there are single drum winch and double drum winch;

According to working occasions, there are generally construction winch, mine winch, industry winch, piling winch etc;

According to rated load capacity, there are light duty winch, like 1 ton winch, 2 ton winch, 3 ton winch and so on, and heavy duty winch, such as 15 ton winch, 20 ton winch, 30 ton winch, 50 ton winch etc.

As a professional winch supplier, we also customize winches for different clients to suit there different work requirements. Whatever type of winch you need for your work, please choose Aimix as your winch supplier to get the perfect winch solutions to make your lifting work much easier, quicker and safer. For more details on our construction winch for sale, just feel free to contact us now without hesitation.